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Re: Deep Space Dredger

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phkb wrote: Fri Mar 08, 2024 3:43 am
In the current spawning script, when you arrive in a new system there's a chance you will be notified about a "battle" having taken place near the station, witchpoint or on the main spacelane, and some derelict ships will be created in the chosen location. The restriction is based on system government being less than a random number between 0 and 6.9999999999. To me, that's a bit too random. I was considering making this restriction based on whether there is "civil war" mentioned in the description. Or, if Diplomacy is installed, if the system is at war with a neighbouring system. Still with a random chance, so it won't be every time you visit, but sometimes.

What do you think?
Makes a lot of sense to me.

They are huge (5 1/2 miles long!) - and will therefore cost an arm and a leg - and there will therefore probably be only a few of them in each galaxy. I would presume that it is uneconomic for them to go "asteroid mining" unless they currently have no proper work and need to defray costs a bit.

Digression #1 Civil Wars <> Wars
The only thing is that civil wars presumably take place almost entirely on the main planet surface (unless there are subsidiary populated planets - or other systems "muck in" supporting their chaps down on the planet). So real wars seem more likely.

Resistance Commander presumes a real war in G3. I'm unsure if any other missions do too.

Digression #2 DSD background
Who owns the Deep Space Dredgers? Where are they based (if they have a base)? Where are they made? How about one or two wrecked ones? Or partially completed ones?

(Littlebear has assigned "Sabre Solutions Ltd" as manufacturer)
Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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Re: Deep Space Dredger

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Facelift pack now in the Expansion Manager. It also additionally includes the new spawning rules. Get ready to not see so many Dredgers.
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