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Post by phkb »

Well, the other "or something" that could be done is sod the manual user selection on the F4 screen and just push the news update right in the players face as soon as they land. Can't miss it that way!
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Post by Cholmondely »

I prefer the first (F4... "NewsFlash!!") to the second (flash on arrival). I prefer the newsflash when I want it and am ready to assimilate the information, rather than having it immediately ("hey presto!") passed through my eyes and straight into my brain without as much as an "if you so please"...

The second does not always work so well. There are a number of OXPs which already do this and they are not quite compatible with each other in terms of the immersion (docking fees/smugglers loaded with illegal goodies/...).

But that's my personal view - and I'm more than happy to defer to others with stronger views on the matter.

As a sidenote, this dumb pilot opened up the entrails of GNN and utterly failed to find anything to tweak. It's chock-full of all sorts of gubbins and there is no obvious F4 screen entry. It needs someone who knows how to look for it...
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