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Should this OXP be expanded when released?

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Yes, make every planet in the Oolite Ooniverse unique (lol)
Yes, make 10 for every galaxy (still a LOT of work :()
No, let users add them to the OXP like the Your ad here.OXP (Good and possible :))
No it is good as it is let's have a rest
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by LittleBear »

I think it is more that PA Grove decided to re-write his Famous Planets descriptions to fit the textures added by Povey Planets for V2. I'm playing with all 8 Povey Planets packs installed and the current Famous Planets. It's a nice touch from PA Grove as if (for example) his text refers to toxic yellow mists, great forests, frozen worlds (as the case may be) the Povey Planet does actually have yellow clouds, big patches of vegitation or is made of ice (as the case may be). Both OXPs can stand alone. But if you play with both the you get the bonus feature that the planets do actually look as they are described.

As he had then changed his descriptions to match Povey Planets, he didn't want to over-write the Povey Planets textures so took his orginal yextures out for V2. Liners is a seperate OXP and I don't have it installed at the moment. But my recolection is that it's script adds the Liners to the Famous Planets routes. If you play with all three OXPs in, then you get all effects, but each can be installed independantly, so if you like Famous Planets but prefer an alternate texture set to Povey Planets you can still play with Famous Planets and Liners installed without having to change your texture pack for planets. I think that is why he went this way as his first version was not compatable with other OXPs that also changed planet textures.
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Famous Planets OXP

Post by Cholmondely »

Four new descriptions to add in to Famous Planets:

0 7 Lave
The Oldest human settlement in the 8 galaxies: the capital Ashoria reeks of history - see the old spacer lodgings in the Abbey district. The parliament is still in the original colony ship, the tyrant ruling from the bridge on behalf of the Empress. Port Arcadia is famously cosmopolitan, full of students & visitors. The renowned Tree grub is being brought back from near-extinction in the vast rain forests of Lave.

0 46 Riedquat
Famous for the food, don’t forget to get your gut flora switched at the orbital before landing. Everything tastes exquisite! Avoid violent black feather wearers, and do not forget that normal money is seen as offensive - barter with gems, pebbles and small nick-knacks.

0 211 Teorge
Peopled by both lobsters and humanoid clones. Isolated for centuries, the “clone world” is home to the bio-maniacal Shulth dynasty, rumoured to have created genetic space-ships. Prized exports include plutonium vases and beer.

0 246 Tianve
Tianve is most noted for its famous pulsar, the top tourist attraction in the region. Visiting by official liner is recommended, but rental vessels are available too. Zero-Gee Cricket is banned on Tianve at the request of the native feline population. Tianve is home to the Elite combateer 'Rebecca Weston' (details can be found in the Tionisla Chronicle publications - 'Status Quo' and 'Mutabilis').

Feedback welcomed!
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Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
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Famous Planets OXP

Post by Cholmondely »

Corrections and additions

Here is the new planetinfo.plist (from the Config folder) for the Famous Planets oxp

A dozen typos corrected.
0 7 Lave, 0 46 Riedquat, 0 96 Digebiti, 0 151 Ceesxe, 0 154 Isinor, 0 170 Tibecea, 0 211 Teorge, 0 246 Tianve added in
(from Rough Guide/Classic Elite Lore/Oolite Saga)

Would it make sense for somebody with access to the Website to add it in to the old oxz?
Or should it just be left here for people to use as they wish?

Code: Select all

   "0 0" ={description = "This planet is most notable for Tibediedian Arma brandy. This brandy sometimes contains a larva which is deadly to some species. The planet is mostly covered in dense jungle and is a magnet for nature lovers. The attraction is strengthened by it being the only green planet in the sector. Around the poles, there are flat areas with cities. The Royal House of Tibedied welcomes travellers and traders who make planetfall after visiting the tournaments at the Royal Hunting Lodge in orbit.";};
   "0 1" ={description = "Qube is reasonably well known for its great dense forests and deep blue oceans. It is dotted with islands and inland seas. The temperate climate provides the inhabitants with an abundance of food. Sadly the planet is scourged by a long lasting civil war between the large food corporations and the farmers who are robbed of their land for quick profit. Visitors are advised to check the tourist bulletins to see if there is any conflict around the landing spot.";};
   "0 2" ={description = "The world Leleer is very noted for its pink Leleerian Er plant plantations but beset by frequent civil war. Unless you are a biologist it is best to stay away from the surface. Many travellers don't make the trip back to the station. Also there are many known cases where traders have been kidnapped, and only released after their families paid a large ransom. This is mostly done to put pressure on the Dictators of Leleer.";};
   "0 3" ={description = "This world is very fabled for the Biargeian Edible Poet. The predominant race on Biarge are human colonials, who arrived in the early days of the 'Far Colonies', even before wormhole technology was discovered. The infamous colonial group, the Dead Poets' Society, were responsible for the genocidal consumption of the Biargeian Edible Poets, but this practice was eventually stamped out. Later, however, Biarge became known for the 'Biargeian Edible Poet to Soylent Green' conversion scandal, a food conflict that almost caused a civil war.";};
   "0 4" ={description = "The world Xequerin is fabled for its weird volcanoes and the Xequerinian mountain lobstoid. The best-known volcano is Mount Lexuqberen, named after the Coomonin lobstoid poet Lexuq. His poem about Mount Lexuqberen is widely known. Lexuq later died on Dienon in galaxy 4, a planet much like his birthplace, also notable for its great volcanoes and its inhabitants' eccentric love for poetry. It is rumoured that his death gave birth to the Coomunin.";};
   "0 5" ={description = "The leadership of Tiraor have committed themselves to demonstrating the superiority of Communism through sporting prowess and millions of citizens train each day under the watchful eyes of the Peoples Coaches.";};
   "0 6" ={description = "The Rabediran loathing of sit coms dates back to the systems founding, when it was settled by refugees from Laeden. Unfortunately, shortly after landing, the refugees split into two over whether romantic or slapstick comedies should be viewed instead. The dreadful civil war continues today between the two governments, and visitors to the planet are advised to remain in the safer polar regions away from the militarised border.";};
   "0 7" ={description = "The Oldest human settlement in the 8 galaxies: the capital Ashoria reeks of history - see the old spacer lodgings in the Abbey district. The parliament is still in the original colony ship, the tyrant ruling from the bridge on behalf of the Empress. Port Arcadia is famously cosmopolitan, full of students & visitors. The renowned Tree grub is being brought back from near-extinction in the vast rain forests of Lave.";};
   "0 8" ={description = "Zaatxe is a rich corporate state in the Pulsar Worlds with an abundance of red sand. Zaatxerian sand is a so-called ultraconductor and is used in computers. There are countless plants that convert the Zaatxerian sand into computer related products. Spacers seldom touch down on the surface due to the extreme sandstorms and the very dangerous fauna. The Zaatxeian deadly Ouenbeoid is a 30 metre long sandworm and the lethal spotted craboids, of which there are plenty, are known for their fast and often deadly attacks.";};
   "0 9" ={description = "This planet is mildly fabled for its inhabitants' eccentric love for tourists. The truth is that there is not a single good reason for a tourist to set foot on this planet. The feudal society is primitive and the simple industrial cities are filthy. The famous edible moth is very dangerous when driven into a corner but is almost everywhere. The insect is hunted by the Diusrezans for pest control and for food. Tasting a Mothburger is almost a mandatory evil at every party. The taste is reported as awful.";};
   "0 10" ={description = "Teaatis is mildly well known for Teaatisian vicious brew. The thick gaslike cloud cover of the planet produces droplets which are rich in acid, which are captured by large screens under the cloudfactories. The concentrated acid is mixed in the Teaatisian vicious brew and sold on the juice market for consumption by some insect and frog species. Humans are advised to drink something else.";};
   "0 11" ={description = "This planet is noted for its great canyons and the friendly desert grub.";};
   "0 12" ={description = "Esbiza is famous for its legendary party-scene. Being a multi-government world there are many cultural versions and styles. Clubs like Spacelight, Bananozia and Qwerty are famous for their 32/9 partyscene.";};
   "0 13" ={description = "This planet is reasonably famous for its inhabitants' exceptional love for food blenders. If you have a blender to sell, sell it here. High performance models are in high demand, especially Ice Blenders. The surface of Ontimaxe is covered in ice but the people are warm and fun.";};
   "0 14" ={description = "This world is most notable for its fabulous Cebetelaian lethal brandy but scourged by killer mountain Esbionoids. The old register is right on this one. If you have no reason to be here, then stay away.";};
   "0 15" ={description = "The Fierce Lizards of Ceedra have been engaged in what appears to outsiders as a deadly civil war for many years. In fact, due to their extreme regenerative abilities, native fatalities are rare, and the conflict is seen as a combination of sport and religious ritual. Visitors who do not share the Ceedran's resilience are advised to wear full combat armour at all times.";};
   "0 16" ={description = "The planet Rizala is mildly notable for Rizalaian Lethal Brandy, the ideal remedy for people who spend a little bit too much time in the harsh outdoor conditions. Rizala is a young planet that looks more like a cratered moon with a large river network. The atmosphere has a very low oxygen content which makes it difficult to breathe. The planet has oceans at its poles, and the sights are splendid as the planet's surface bathes in mystical blue and purple light.";};
   "0 17" ={description = "Atriso is a fertile farming world, its green fields clearly visible from space, but even the wide variety of foods it produces cannot satisfy their gourmet tastebuds. The ruling chef-dictators of Atriso import hundreds of tons of exotic foods each day from across the eight charts, hoping to find the perfect combination of flavours.";};
   "0 18" ={description = "Travellers in a hurry often pass this planet by, missing out on Teanrebi's friendly bug-eyed frogs, its beautiful tropical beaches and lush forests. Rumour has it that some old settlements found here are of an ancient, unknown alien origin.";};
   "0 19" ={description = "The pink oceans of Azaqu are covered in a thin layer of floating silt which gives them their distinctive colour. Beneath the waves, the lobstoid population grow corals for their cousins elsewhere. The planetary sport is Zero-G cricket, and the Az-es trophy is contested annually with nearby Leesti.";};
   "0 20" ={description = "Retila's harsh rocky surface was unpleasant at best, but its sun's activity made it worse. A particularly nasty solar flare destroyed most of the orbitals soon after colonisation, and drove the population deep underground to survive. They are now unable to patrol their space lanes, but are welcoming to the determined visitor who makes it to the surface.";};
   "0 21" ={description = "The planet Sotiqu is known for its exclusive clothing made by the best tailors of all the eight charts. Sadly the planet is an anarchy, and exporting these exquisite fabrics is sometimes very dangerous.";};
   "0 23" ={description = "The planet Onrira is famous for its Torus station. When the first Torus station was unveiled in orbit around Onrira in 3129, it was an event full of political promise. Both GASEC and GalCop had relied heavily on the services of Obnoxicorp in both the political lobbying and execution of the project. At the time Onrira was an unstable multi-government system, but the Torus station helped unify the planet's inhabitants. It was a technological marvel at the time and Onrira became the first tech 14 planet in galaxy 1.";};
   "0 28" ={description = "Arexe is famous for its green oceans and millions of islands. The islands are covered with forests and swamps. The climate on Arexe is a force to be reckoned with as the steamy seas feed gigantic weather systems. The geography of Arexe fluctuates constantly as coastlines are eroded and new island chains silt up. The rodent population of Arexe build their cities on poles or even aboard large ships. The largest spaceport, Rexona, floats on 25 million air cushions and can travel unhindered across the vast river networks of the planet.";};
   "0 29" ={description = "The planet Atrabiin is covered with a vast network of islands. The atmosphere is very moist and dense and it is only barely habitable for its population of human colonials. The yellowish oceans are particularly interesting. The yellow colour comes from geothermal activity, and the water has a proven healing power for some races. The many cultural differences between the island communities makes this an interesting planet to visit.";};
   "0 35" ={description = "Everyone knows the saying: 'red as the Hells of Isence'. Everything is red on Isence, including the inhabitants: the virulent Isencian V bacteria turned these humanoids red and fat. After years of total planetary quarantine, an expensive medicine was recently developed to control the infection, finally allowing the famous Chexsin Cherzin to take part in the Four-Way Pellery championships on Isinor.";};
   "0 36" ={description = "Reesdice has a long tradition of industry, and paid the price with a heavily polluted atmosphere. Their scientists used this bitter fact to develop the famous Reesdician air filter. This unique device can clean the air of any waste product. Due to miniaturization, Reesdician air filters are widely used in modern space suits. Rumours are that ReesAir(tm) provides patented technology for the Q-Worlds terraforming company. Despite this technical achievement, to avoid further pollution Reesdice switched to producing advanced agricultural products.";};
   "0 39" ={description = "Because of deadly earthquakes the people of Reorte are forever at the mercy of titanic hidden forces hidden deep within their planet. As a result they are deeply religious. Although listed as a Dictatorship the planet is actually a theocracy, controlled by a fluctuating priesthood.";};
   "0 42" ={description = "Anarlaqu is moderately known for the unique xeno-coral plantations in the southern hemisphere's ocean. These unusual corals are occasionally exported for the exotic pet industry and as an avant garde food item for some lobsteroid races. The plantations can be seen as one approaches the planet from space. This system also hosts the Tri-Annual Tournament of Nobles, which is sponsored by the lesser House of Eigrpan.";};
   "0 46" ={description = "Famous for the food, don’t forget to get your gut flora switched at the orbital before landing. Everything tastes exquisite! Avoid violent black feather wearers, and do not forget that normal money is seen as offensive - barter with gems, pebbles and small nick-knacks.";};
   "0 50" ={description = "The planet Aesbion is a planet with difficult living conditions. The weather is humid and storms are an almost constant factor. Furthermore, conflict between the green frogs of Aesbion has been raging for thousands of years now and the fact that the planet is a Corporate State doesn't make it any better: corporate wars are notoriously savage. Luckily for the visitor this war is confined to the surface, for the time being.";};
   "0 62" ={description = "Esusti is a very warm and dry planet. The world is famed for the giant Esusti cactus which can grow as high as 100 metres. The Esustiian Spotted Cat is a form of tiger, but is rarely seen. The people in the cities like to party, although Esusti is very well known for its inhabitants' ancient loathing of discos. The local dance is EsTeMambo.";};
   "0 66" ={government = 0; economy = 0; techlevel = 15; population = 105; productivity = 135000; radius = 3257; name = "Ascension"; inhabitants = "Transhuman Colonials"; description = "After five hundred years of enhancing the human condition with genetics, cybernetics and experimental memetic engineering, a small group of augmented humans founded their own colony, Ascension, on the farthest edge of Galactic Sector 1. Six hundred years later their descendants, now barely recognisable as humans, have populated the whole system and, it is rumoured, some adjacent systems beyond the 7 light-year limit of GalCop's witchdrives";};
   "0 73" ={description = "The jungle world of Aronar: the most dangerous passage on the Spaceway L1 to Lerelace. The landscape is dominated by a jungle-covered supercontinent, the forests haunted by the huge Aronar Deadly Goat. Gambling is a religion on Aronar, and every settlement on Aronar houses at least one local Hoopy Casino. Every citizen of Aronar gambles before dinner.";};
   "0 86" ={description = "Velete looks attractive when seen from space but to a humanoid visitor the surface stinks like rotten eggs. This smell is caused by the swamps on the planet and the algae in the seas that give off sulphurous gasses. Luckily the Velete Tourist Board is aware of this, and offers all visitors a free gas mask.";};
   "0 89" ={description = "A dull world, says the register. In 2513 a large freighter broke down in orbit around Beusrior, and the crew were forced to abandon ship. As the whole surface of the planet is covered with snow and ice, the reluctant colonials built an underground base and called it New London. Day temperature varies between -22C and -40C but at night the temperature can drop below -55C.";};
   "0 93" ={description = "The planet Xeeranre is quite famous for the multicoloured crystals found across the many mountain ranges of the planet. Xeeranre crystals are exported to jewellery factories all over the eight galaxies. The crystal-tinted dawns and sunsets are spectacular tourist attractions in their own right.";};
   "0 96" ={description = "The killer mountain Seoids are ignored in the plains, where the deep blue marble cathedral of Greater Walsingham rises majestically over the city. Home to English aristocrats, Digebiti is famous for its tea dances, real tennis and extreme dominoes. The sculpture and duelling pistols are famed exports. Hats are de rigeur.";};
   "0 99" ={description = "Teraed became one of the largest hubs in the north-east quadrant of Galaxy 1. Travellers to Tianve often use it as a stop-over and trading point. Nowadays the planet is the home of the largest aqua city in Galaxy 1, easily visible from space. The Galaxy Dome with 3.2 million seats (estimated) is one of the biggest Zero-G Cricket venues in the sector.";};
   "0 100" ={description = "The planet Vetitice is well-known for its luxury parking meters. Vetitice is also renowned as the home of GASEC, the manufacturer and supplier of Coriolis, Dodo and Ico space stations. Travellers visit Vetitice from all over the eight galaxies to witness the construction of these massive structures.";};
   "0 101" ={description = "The planet Laenin was named after an ancient hero of Coomunism. Probably mythological, Laenin was supposedly a great leader on ancient Earth. Legend tells that Laenin and his three sons - the Man of Steel, the Iron-Hewer and Superman - invented coomunism. They made a sit-com called 'Red Dawn' to spread their philosophy. People loved it. Now the Red Revolution has spread all over the eight galaxies. Today Laenin is known as 'The Workers' Paradise'.";};
   "0 111" ={description = "Reinen: a farmers' planet and no mistake. Visitors can see the huge field systems from space. All natural resources have been exhausted and nowadays Reinen specializes in biotechnology. They sell all sorts of farming equipment and the planet now rates as an average agricultural. The capital city New Boorlin hosts the yearly Galaxy 1 Beerfesten which attracts drinkers from all over the universe.";};
   "0 115" ={description = "Ribiso invented vacuum cricket, and for many centuries was the undisputed galactic champion. Their recent decision to allow the rules to be translated and the kit exported has led to a few of the richer systems putting together their own teams, and for the first time Ribiso's lead is no longer a foregone conclusion.";};
   "0 118" ={description = "This world is reasonably well known for the Gequreian tree ant and for its scenic beauty.The planet features massive jungles and idyllic inland seas. Gequr Continental Sand is an enormous desert spanning half the planet and is home to some supervolcanoes. Gequrix is the largest caldera with a diameter of 300 miles.";};
   "0 124" ={description = "Tionisla is well known in the region. As well as being home to the Tionisla Chronicle, in the past it was the scene of some of the most massive battles the galaxy has ever seen. The result? The huge Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, now the final resting place of the super-rich and famous. Due to their ingrained shyness all Tionislans wear masks in public, their heads completely encased in baroque constructions. If you like good company, noise, fun, excitement - go elsewhere.";};
   "0 126" ={description = "Why would colonists want to live on Anerbe? Because it is the best place to grow crops. Volcanic ash makes a very mineral-rich soil and gives huge yields without the need for fertiliser. That's why Anerbe is an agricultural world but the not infrequent volcanic disasters that can wipe out whole harvests keep it from being as rich as it might be.";};
   "0 129" ={description = "The Galactic Register called Zaonce a tedious place. They didn't correct it in later issues. Zaonce is actually one of the best-guarded, fun-packed secrets of Galaxy 1. Tourists will find attractions like the monstrous Hurricane Kev, dominating a huge swathe of the northern hemisphere. The planet is also known for the Zaonce Aurodrome, Zanadoo Zoo, Chateau d'if, and the perpetual parties going on in virtually every hotel on the planet.";};
   "0 131" ={description = "Zadies is at the centre of Galaxy 1. The planet houses the main administrative headquarters of GalCop. The planet is a crosspoint of long-distance trade routes and is therefore an important hub for passengers and traders from across the galaxy. Many travel agencies have at least one office here. Zadia, the main capital, is a gigantic but pleasant metropolis situated around an inland sea, the ancient remains of a large meteor strike. Beyond the urban sprawl, the scenery is splendid.";};
   "0 132" ={description = "The planet Entizadi is famous for its inhabitants exceptional love for food blenders but scourged by dreadful solar activity. The Entizadi food blender is one of the most advanced models available anywhere. A rumour exists that, during the conflict on Biarge, the Entizadi companies provided the Dead Poets Society of Biarge with advanced models of their durable blenders. Entizadi is a member of the Iron Stars Trading Federation.";};
   "0 147" ={description = "This planet is mildly noted for its ancient Ouza tulip plantations but is ravaged by frequent earthquakes. The Diso Digital Corp has built a planet wide sensor-network, with the latest OO32000 super-risk processors. This is capable of predicting the earthquakes a full day before they happen. Houses on Diso are built on giant shock absorbers and are often mobile. Diso is also famous for its 10,000 km long Veers fault.";};
   "0 150" ={description = "The planet Xeer is completely covered with ice. Like Beusrior, surface temperatures range between -20C and -60C. Every year Xeer hosts an ice-sports festival. This world is very well known for Xeerian Wolf meat and its fabulous cuisine.";};
   "0 151" ={description = "Ceesxe is the only TL15 world in Galaxy 1. The vast rain forests seen from orbit hide an ecologically-friendly economy which specialises in bio-genetics. Anti-environmental travel is highly taxed here. The bio-assertion (rejuvenation) centres of Ceesxe are justly famed, and horrendously expensive to boot. Home to the Institute of Extreme Cleverness";};
   "0 153" ={description = "This world is very well known for Aonaian Lethal Brandy and its great volcanoes. Aona is also known for Aonatech, an entertainment corporation which creates fantastic ship- and home-entertainment systems. The A-Box is now the best-selling cockpit gaming system, pre-installed with the holographic game 'Evil Trumble V'. Aona itself is a member of the Iron Stars trading federation. This is a club of industrial high-tech planets in the south of Galaxy 1.";};
   "0 154" ={description = "Isinor is famous for two things: the swampy environment and gambling. Landing in a Moray Starboat makes most sense. Just islands, small floating townships and memory-slime-ridden lakes and marshes which convey the histories of the past to the Isinorians who swim in them. The presence of the past leads to fascination with the future - hence the gambling, Four-way Pellery being the most renowned game.";};
   "0 170" ={description = "Modelled on ancient Venice but built on a snowball, many inhabitants live in the palazzi of the nobles, subterranean palaces with workrooms, living quarters and storehouses all included. Home of Saint Phibo Nacci the famous theorematist and of the Edible Poet Society, one of their most prestigious guilds. Tibecea's snowball competition is justly famed across the Eight. Local specialities include ice-wine, truffles and coffee.";};
   "0 172" ={description = "This planet lies on the main route between the Xexedi Cluster and the resort world of Rexebe. As Rexebe is famous for its hoopy night life, space-farers in the know stop off at Esveor to stock up on Peptoo Bismol. Peptoo Bismol is a remedy for upset stomachs distilled from the bismuth subsalicylate ('pink bismuth'), a natural antacid found in high concentrations in the planet's pink oceans.";};
   "0 177" ={description = "In the past, Larais was an industrial planet, churning out fusion energy products. After the discovery of Quirium, fusion power quickly became obsolete. The industrial complexes on Larais became deserted and polluted. Three centuries later an airborne plant species was developed and Larais switched to an agricultural economy, even though the planet is permanently shrouded in a thick, orange haze. No-one knows exactly what secrets are to be found at ground level as the industrial fog is simply too dense.";};
   "0 186" ={description = "Zarece consists of superdense gasses not yet fully understood, and was the first gas planet ever to be colonised. It was settled by felines from Reorte, who were fed up with the constant earthquakes on their home planet. Using a combination of zero-G technology and vacuum balloons, large orbital cities were created that float in the higher layers of the atmosphere.";};
   "0 188" ={description = "Tibionis is most noted for vast rainforests and the Tibionisian Deadly Goat, originally introduced by traders from Aronar. Tourists are advised not to travel deep into the splendid jungles. In addition Tibionis features beautiful tropical beaches. Tibionis is the home of Navy Sector Command 4.";};
   "0 198" ={description = "Xezaor is known for its tundra and swamp landscapes. Xezaians have found a way to refine the swamp mud into swamp oil. This swamp oil is an industrial lubricant used in ship maintainance. When not at work the Xezaians gamble their daily wages in the planet's numerous, if utilitarian, Hoopy casinos.";};
   "0 200" ={description = "The ice planet Edorte shines from a distance. A little way off the main spaceways, it's a place to come to rest. GalCop found it a perfect place to house a prison. The Edorte ice prison is the end station for some of the meanest criminals in the galaxy. Situated deep beneath the ice layers, no-one knows its exact location. For the law-abiding visitor, though, Edorte offers spectacular mountains and glaciers.";};
   "0 211" ={description = "Peopled by both lobsters and humanoid clones. Isolated for centuries, Teorge - the “clone world” - is home to the bio-maniacal Shulth dynasty, rumoured to have created genetic space-ships. Prized exports include plutonium vases and beer.";};
   "0 221" ={description = "Zasoceat is well known for a very long inland sea called the Split Ocean. This inland ocean is a rich source of seafood and its coasts are heavily populated. However, under this ocean lies the most active geological fault on the planet. It divides the southern supercontinent into halves, and is the source of many disastrous mega-tsunamis.";};
   "0 222" ={description = "Rilace was once covered by acidic desert and scoured by thin carbon dioxide winds. The local government employed the Q-Worlds Corporation to make the planet into a green and fertile world. The Q-Worlds Quick Terraforming Grid rapidly boosted the atmosphere, and the equatorial regions were bombarded with ice meteorites harvested at the Wagar ice plateau at Beusrior using a high-pressure Terratools Orbit cannon, turning Rilace into the rich and fertile world we see today.";};
   "0 227" ={description = "Qutiri offers space travellers a sight to behold. Magnificent mountain ranges and enormous glaciers cover the planet. The climate is cold but drinking Lethal Brandy in the blue ice caves of the capital Qitroomax, or climbing Mount Tironos under a cold and dazzling night sky, are things that you will never forget. The heavily-furred yellow felines of Qutiri are perfectly adapted to their cold climate.";};
   "0 241" ={description = "Qurave is famous for its Aron Water. The lovely Quravian Aron is a close relative of the Trumble, with one important difference: they do not reproduce asexually. When an Aron is frightened, it produces Aron Water. This liquid, called Psaron on nearby planets, has many healing properties as it contains plasmids that can keep seriously injured humanoids, birds, felines and frogs alive. For an unknown reason the water can defy gravity by running uphill.";};
   "0 246" ={description = "Tianve is most noted for its famous pulsar, the top tourist attraction in the region. Visiting by official liner is recommended, but rental vessels are available too. Zero-Gee Cricket is banned on Tianve at the request of the native feline population. Tianve is home to the Elite combateer 'Rebecca Weston' (details can be found in the Tionisla Chronicle publications - 'Status Quo' and 'Mutabilis').";};
   "0 250" ={description = "The centre of the Xexedi Cluster and the western part of Galaxy 1, this planet houses a city that covers the entire globe. Xexedi's high tech level is demonstrated by its futuristic towers, domes, habitats and planetary transport systems. Oocruise, the Zorgon Petterson Group, and the famous beauty corporation L'Ooreaal have their HQ here. Xexedi is best known for the Xexedi Skyneedle, a skyscraper two kilometres high.";};

   "1 6"  ={description = "Esbete is on the list of the ten most beautiful planets of the eight charts, compiled by NSPO (National Space Nature Organization). The deep purple oceans and the colourful continents attract artists and tourists alike. The combination of this visual feast for the eye, along with the much praised Esbetian five star food blender cuisine, are the cause of permanently overbooked hotels in the planetary capital Esbtion. Tourists often book this planet in combination with a visit to the volcano world Orrionti which is just one jump away.";};
   "1 23" ={description = "The Galactic register is accurate in calling this planet 'tedious'. With only a few shelters and a harsh arctic climate, living here proves difficult. Consequently the rodents of Ridiusla live mainly in large underground cities, where they are sheltered from the relentless winds which torment the surface. It is believed that the planet was colonized by descendants of Generationship 'Ridicule'. Many treasure hunters search for the wreck of this ship.";};
   "1 24" ={description = "Maesaron is the last safe world for the traveller traversing the Tomoka Run in the direction to Galcenter G2 or the RedLine Stars. The world lies on the edge of the dangerous Kob's Ladder region. The world itself has no oceans and consists primarily of mountains, sand and canyons. Huge sand hurricanes can be seen spinning on the planet's surface. Sometimes more than five of these huge storms are active at any given time. Life is confined to the cooler polar regions in high-tech glass dome cities. The Lave Academy also has a training station here.";};
   "1 42" ={corona_flare = 0.50; corona_hues = 0.5; corona_shimmer = 0.6; sun_color=blueColor; description = "Soorte is a green and beautiful world. The southern hemisphere has countless tropical green islands while the northern hemisphere has larger continents. The Soortian Oak grows so fast that the Rodent population can use their trees as a constant source of food. In fact it grows so fast that there is a rich export market in Soortian Oak-Wood products. Sadly this also means that slavery is common here, as the Soortian government actively encourages cartels and industrial scale 'sweat-shops' to maximise export income.";};
   "1 45" ={description = "The only thing that is interesting about the orangey-red world of Veerge is the beautiful aspect it presents from space. On the surface Veerge is a harsh desert world beaten by sandstorms. The oceans contain high amounts of metallic and sulphuric acid. The scattered outposts on Veerge depend for fresh water upon trade and drilling operations. Sometimes Veergians are maligned for being rude and unfriendly";};
   "1 53" ={description = "Ausar, originally designated as objectxVz-0092, is a planet with thick layers of sulphuric acid and gas clouds. Unlike a real gas planet it has a swamp like surface. The insects of Ausar have adapted themselves to the harsh conditions over millions of years and built hive cities out of a material that to the human eye looks like a mixture between frogspawn and a beehive, admittedly on a massive scale. Communication with these insect life forms takes place with the help of a psytech mind resonator. Psy-resonating is reportedly a strange experience but feels somehow pleasant and is reported to have therapeutic properties.";};
   "1 54" ={description = "The Raveian edible arts graduate is considered to be a food source by the smart Shrews of Rave. This form of cannibalism is infamous around the local sector but on Rave it is a tradition. The smart Shrews of Rave believe that by eating arts graduates they can acquire a higher form of knowledge. The graduates provide themselves of their own free will after living for 20 years in royal conditions. The eating ceremony is an ancient ritual and remains off-limits for the visitor.";};
   "1 57" ={description = "Erlage is covered with tundra and very steep icy mountains. The fat birds and the famous mountain bison are perfectly adapted for Erlage's inhospitable climate. The Erlagian slave market is an infamous aspect of the planet. At one time the slave traffic was so great that the trading routes from the neighbouring planets became known as The Erlage Corridor. Local authorities have great difficulty in suppressing the slaving, because the mountains offer many opportunities for secret bases.";};
   "1 58" ={description = "Xeate is a planet sized moon. Xeate is famous for its Buxiulp mines. Buxiulp is a heavy isotope found in certain moonstones. This new found isotope (or nuclide) is used in several applications around the Ooniverse, notably in witchspace drives as a quirium conversion catalyst. It has allowed new ship designs to increase their maximum spacial velocity by up to 20% and, as such, is a highly prized commodity.";};
   "1 65" ={description = "Ceiner recently entered a state of cold war with the planets Zatebiso, Zaaxeve and Zaesre. Officials believe that Zatebiso is secretly backed by Zaaxeve and Zaesre even though no direct route between those planets exist. The only route is by traveling through Ceiner. However, the recent discovery of Zaaxeve propaganda, and the increasing number of jumps in and out by ships using fuel tanks, raises suspicion. A recent propaganda scandal brought Ceiner into a cold war with Zaaxeve.";};
   "1 66" ={description = "Onatbeza is famous for its lush green oceans and the remarkable Onatbezian whale, which can grow to an astonishing kilometre in length due to the low gravity. On land Onatbeza is undergoing severe desertification caused by increasing radiation from the Onatbezian Sun Onat. Being a modern industrial planet the Onatbezian society has found ways to shield crops from damage thus preventing mass starvation, but it remains heavily dependant on imported goods. Onatbeza specializes in high tech agricultural solutions.";};
   "1 74" ={description = "The continents and islands of Cediza are almost entirely covered by a green blanket of forest and jungle. The rodent's capital Chized consists of giant tree houses. The Cedizan super oak can reach a height of 200 meters. The Cedizan wolf is rare because it is hunted down for its exquisite Cedizan Wolf steak which is considered as a local specialty.";};
   "1 78" ={description = "Erlaenadian Mud Tennis is known throughout the sector and the friendly birds of this planet are extremely good at it. The yearly Royal mud tennis championship is a four week tournament held in the capital Fuut. The winning team can take the massive golden egg to their home planet for one year. Visitors are advised that shiny reflective objects of any type are banned on Erlaenaded, and invitations to 'feather the nest' should be politely declined at all costs.";};
   "1 82" ={description = "The high-tech planet of Vezaaes offers traders a rich range of trading opportunities. However, on the surface, a decade-long conflict drags on between different corporations. A disagreement over the provision of 'shrew sticks' - the main source of food on the planet - escalated into a full-scale civil war when VezstickCorp, which believed that it had an exclusive deal to supply the sticks with the Vezaesian government, shot down transport boats from ZAstick enterprises.";};
   "1 88" ={description = "The planet Gerebied is known for its rough climate. The infamous Gerebian jet blast, a four hundred kilometre an hour wind generated intermittently by the planet's peculiar rotation and orbital properties, makes conditions on the surface very difficult. Landing on the planet without stabilizers is very dangerous and is not recommended for the inexperienced pilot. Geraint, the main capital, is under a plexiglass dome and partially underground.";};
   "1 109" ={corona_flare = 0.60; corona_hues = 1.0; corona_shimmer = 0.4; sun_color=greenColor; description = "The giant star Oberon tells the sad story of Edsodi, a planet burnt almost to a cinder. During the day people live underground as Oberon literally burns the surface. Nightlife is everything on this very hot planet and is as exotic as a fairytale. The fantastic light coming from the multicoloured glowworms on the roofs of Mexpator the capital city is unforgettable. Access for landing ships is through a four hundred metre deep crater, ships are advised to approach the planet on the dark side and land during local night time. The mass and instability of the star Oberon is the main cause of the frequent earthquakes.";};
   "1 127" ={corona_flare = 0.20; corona_hues = 0.3; corona_shimmer = 0.1; sun_color=yellowColor; description = "Ceinerxe is an important trading hub and three other space lanes originate here. Ceinerxe is actually a mostly sea-bound planet with an enormous sea-city much like the one on Teraed in galaxy one. Despite being a dictatorship it is also a holiday planet with luxury resorts for those with cash to pay for the necessary permits and bribes. The people of Ceinrexe even have some form of freedom. Questioning the dictator Ceiner IV remains a crime punishable by immediate execution, but otherwise Ceinrexe can now be called a comfortable world with pleasant living conditions. Ceinerxe also plays host to a GalNavy base and officers are known to make planet-fall to enjoy the hoopy nightlife and the pleasant artificial beaches. Visitors are warned that the gravity on Ceinerxe is high by most common standards.";};
   "1 114" ={description = "Teonan is a tourism hub and the capital planet of the Teonan web region. 'Teonan Prime' is the enormous capital city built over the site of an ancient impact crater. The city itself is built from the light material 'Plumium' which is five times stronger than concrete, yet remarkably elastic. The city spans a radius of over three hundred kilometres, encompassing both land and sea like a spider web. In the centre of the web is the 'Teonan Forum', an enormous building housing literally everything from the spaceport itself, local government offices and the hoopy nightclubs which Teonan is also famous for. The climate is pleasant and calm.";};
   "1 115" ={description = "The fat yellow insects of Anvere expertly hunt the Anverian Island Goat and make it into the tasty Anverian goat soup. Furthermore, Anvere offers splendid islands. But the world is beset by frequent mega-hurricanes.";};
   "1 122" ={description = "The jump from Erlage to Riedin - or vice-versa - is just possible if the commander is sparing with his injectors. Vistiors to Riedin are treated to a calm and pleasant planet offering some fine locations for a vacation. The Riedin tropical forests are famous for their beauty and rich fauna and flora. Guided tours into the jungle are available from the capital Ridexe Prime.";};
   "1 136" ={description = "Orrionti is famous for its super volcanoes. The Lobster Volcano group, with three active super volcanoes, is certainly impressive, yet the 'Mother', a solitary super volcano, dwarfs all the others. The whole planet is constantly influenced by volcanic gases and catastrophic outpourings of magma. The lethal disease entry in the Old Galactic Catalogue refers to the condition that occurs if an unprotected humanoid stays too long on the surface, but for the Green Horned Lobsters living here it is no problem. For other lifeforms the famous Orrionti-flameshuttle is an ideal way to view the awe-inspiring landscape in relative safety. There are only basic refuelling and repair facilities here. Ships are advised not to land on the surface.";};
   "1 140" ={description = "Zaaxeve is famous for its tree wolf and rather peculiar sitcoms. The best known is called The Lecture. This sitcom runs its twenty-fifth season and tells the story of a communist hero traveling all the way back to Laenin in galaxy 1 to attend a lecture of a Laenin dissident. The pilgrimage to Laenin is used to teach the people of Zaaxeve the moral that coomunism is the best ideology. Zaaxeve is a member of the Redline Stars - a federation of the planets Zaaxeve, Zaesre and Resori.";};
   "1 144" ={description = "Diraza offers to its visitors lush forests, pleasant villages and dark blue oceans. The famous Dirazian 'Mare brew' is a substance milked from friendly black insects and tastes very sweet and rich. Mare brew is dangerous to some races. Hence a 'Mare Test' is provided free at the many tourist offices.";};
   "1 178" ={description = "Usoron is an old and rich world dotted with interesting cities. The famous Circle of Wisdom is an enormous temple complex believed to have been built by an advanced race that is long gone. Uszex Prime is the site of the Galactic Senate of Galaxy 2. (Usoron was chosen as it is an intersection for many routes across Galaxy 2.) The nightlife offers everything from old Usorian drama to red-light district nightclubs. 'UstoK', which stands for 'Us to Kill', is the infamous Usoron lethal brandy brand, which is exported to many planets around Galaxy 2.";};
   "1 188" ={description = "The moon-like planet of Laatso is very rich in minerals. Laatso is famous for mining operations but life for the average worker living in one of the cities on the surface is depressing and featureless. Only the elite of society are permitted luxury items.";};
   "1 189" ={description = "Resori is famous for its beautiful red deserts and its fluffy clouds. Furthermore, Resori is the host of the Galaxy 2 Zero-G Commie Cup in which only communistic teams are allowed to participate. Resorians believe that only through sportsmanship can a citizen become the perfect comrade. Resori is a member of the Redline Stars federation - which is suspected of secretly supporting Zatebiso against the democracy of Ceiner.";};
   "1 193" ={description = "This planet is very well known for vicious Zast brew and its exotic goat soup. Zast brew is number seventy five on the list of the Ooniverse's top one hundred list of dangerous narcotics as compiled by the Tionisla Chronicle. By drinking it people think they can step into other parallel worlds. This mental state can last days and is considered highly dangerous. The goat soup, by comparison, is very innocent. When you make planetfall in one of the cities along the beautiful blue oceans you are recommended to try this before the main dinner.";};
   "1 202" ={description = "Isonza has three main continents: Cataxia, Monocat, and Redcat. These actually refer to the three main populations of furry felines living on the planet. Conditions are harsh. The climate is warm but tropical storms are common. On top of that heavy earthquakes shake the planet on a regular basis. Like many other unstable places in the galaxy shock-proof mobile homes sell well here. As a result Isonza has no fixed capital city, although most felines live around Inland Bay on Cataxia. This is the most northerly and also the largest continent.";};
   "1 204" ={description = "Establishing themselves as an independent planet has proved to be difficult for Zatebiso. The government there is thought to be attempting to manipulate the world of Ceiner in what has come to be known as the 'Redline Cold War'. This multiple planet-spanning war of words has yet to erupt into actual violence, but has gripped the area in fear and tension, with a resultant catastrophic drop in free trade. Zatebiso propaganda was found on Ceiner. Ceiner in return accused Zatebiso of trying to discourage trade. Zatebsians are now prohibited to travel to the surface of Ceiner. Galcop has yet to intervene in any significant way, but their Navy maintains a watching brief on both planets.";};
   "1 207" ={description = "The eccentric shyness of the slimy rodents on Inxexeat goes to such an extent that it is forbidden for visitors to make contact with the local population. Ships may only make planet-fall on designated landing areas. So called 'Hybrids' are the only native Inxexeatians to interact with spacefarers. The Hybrids are rodents that have been especially selected, sent to the orbiting station and received a comprehensive hex-edit and orientation. The native population exists mostly in a pre-industrial state and believes the orbiting station to be an 'Archangel'. As a result, Galcop rigorously enforces a special quarantine regulation for this planet and permits are hard, but not impossible, to come by. Naturewise, this is a place of utter beauty and landing rights are in great demand.";};
   "1 221" ={description = "Abege is currently entering an ice age. The enormous icecaps are advancing to the equator. Scientists believe that the event was triggered by changes in the orbit of the planet itself several thousand years ago. The planet is covered by dense forests but these forests are crushed at the edge under the advancing glaciers. Abex Mono is the main base and is, so far, out of direct danger. The leading edge of the main glaciers are over four kilometres high and are a truly awesome spectacle from the ground. The jungle cats of Abege have adapted very quickly by growing thicker fur skin, but moves are afoot to evacuate them as the planet is expected to be completely ice bound by the year 3250.";};
   "1 236" ={description = "Zageuser is famous for its exciting canyon races and has countless canyons across its fractured surface. The deepest are almost nine kilometres deep. The canyon races are dangerous but very popular. The candidates fly at high speed though an obstacle course, though only small fighters and fast planetary jets are allowed to take part. Potential entrants are advised to watch a race before entering and to note well the typical 45% fatality rate before making a final decision. The event takes place alongside the Zagueser Space Cuisine festival. The jetstream clouds of Zageuser are a splendid sight from orbit.";};

   "4 25" ={description = "This world is fabled for its exciting Zaquessoian evil juice, a fiery liquor distilled from the purple xagave cactus. But the jewel of Zaquesso is Crater Lakes Wilderness Reserve. Boasting spectacular scenery and superb samlon fishing, it is renowned throughout the sector. As is The Final Eight, a dimly-lit bar in Spacetown frequented by veteran spacers. Quality music and fine liquor in abundance, but keep your blaster handy.";};
   "6 134" ={description = "Erbieder is most famous for its vast dense forests and its fabulous cuisine. Ultra BalkabagI is their trademark dish. Their festivals are of galactic renown. The foremost of these are the beer and ale festivals that seem to take place with alarming regularity, which is usually followed by a good smoke of Yashli Kafatasi leaf. It would go to explain why the planet is still only a tech level 8 when the planet's schools offer above average teaching.";};

   "7 0" ={description = "Dizaen is one of those planets that promises to be fun and yet ends up rather boring. Being near the galactic centre there should be a high level of traffic. But being a low tech-level insectoid planet the aroma is said to be far from pleasant.";};
   "7 1" ={description = "The frogs on Anenen have for centuries been cursed by dreadful solar activity which has caused a large portion of the population to develop mental problems. This has led to the planet getting a reputation of being silly, and in some quarters, downright weird. The government have been researching technology to counter the deadly rays.";};
   "7 2" ={description = "Being near a major trade route Ceor benefits from easy access for the millions of fans of its Zero-G Cricket, which the planet is noted for. But the unwary tourist is warned to watch their manners as the inhabitants are not noted for their sense of humour.";};
   "7 3" ={description = "Ededer has the reputation of being the backside of the high tech worlds. The communists there are amongst the strictest of them all, resulting in making the planet rather tedious. The insects there can bore the most dedicated of individuals with their interest in industry.";};
   "7 4" ={description = "The human colonials on Artesore are not the cleanest of individuals with the main game of the planet being mud hockey. It really is a filthy sport being played on farmers' fields once the livestock has been moved on. There are rumours of occasional earthquakes but they appear to be more of a nuisance than deadly. It has yet to be determined how the anarchic governmental system can maintain a fair education.";};
   "7 5" ={description = "The people here are poor farmers. They don’t seem to have any sort of imagination at all. It is still a mystery how they managed to organise themselves into a corporate state. But this world is so dull there isn’t much to say about it.";};
   "7 6" ={description = "The fun to be had on this planet is never ending. For industrialists they certainly know how to relax. The main choice is the highly popular, Zero-G cricket, with the Ceorans their biggest rivals. The Lobsters are also known for their ability to drink Ultra Squeezings by the bucket load.";};
   "7 7" ={description = "The fierce frogs on Sorezaan will pick a fight with any passing life form. They just love to take court action for the slightest of slights. The democratic governmental system doesn’t help the situation but since the politicians are pandering after a next term in office they actually make it worse and as a result this is a mightily tedious place to visit as there are warning signs everywhere and health and safety rules that crush the enjoyment over even the tamest of activities.";};
   "7 8" ={description = "The human colonials on Aaored are another example of democracy at its worst. The two main political parties are parted by one issue only and they are on as opposite ends of the political spectrum as you can get. That issue concerns the deadly Aaoredian Monkey, with thousands of people getting killed every month. But, they are also incredibly cute. As such, one party wants to wipe them out, the other wants to breed more of them. Caution is advised when visiting.";};
   "7 9" ={description = "The Bug-Eyed lizards on Lebedixe are of the most friendly life forms you will find anywhere in the eight. As such they have become reasonably noted for their eccentric love of tourists. If it wasn’t for their love also of industry this planet could become the jewel of the seventh, but with a technology level at a low six, it will always be the holiday destination of the working classes.";};
   "7 10" ={description = "The large Lizards on Gebequat are known for their appetite. As such the only thing to really fill the need is the Gebequatian Wolf Cutlet. The Gebequatians take great pride in the hunting of their food and they have all manner of rituals concerning the capture and kill. What makes it more exciting for the hunter is the frequent earthquakes that happen with alarming regularity.";};
   "7 11" ={description = "Onaran is a beautiful planet but for those desiring to view the amazingly high and ancient mountains visitors are given a warning. Due to rogue pharmaceutical companies using the population for genetic experiments, a vicious disease has developed.";};
   "7 12" ={description = "The Inreans have one of the weakest of the Communist governments in the seventh. The population therefore are revolting and want to set up a democratic government. The resulting civil war is somewhat unpredictable and could prove hazardous to your health.";};
   "7 14" ={description = "The humans on this planet are obsessed with entertainment and have traditions going back for thousands of years. They are avid climbers and have called all their ancient mountains above three thousand metres Munros. They also have a weird habit of playing Mud Tennis on the top of these high peaks.";};
   "7 15" ={description = "There are a few things to do on this little planet as the government is fractured into separate authorities and they are deeply suspicious of each other. They blame each other for the YaprakcIk degeneration disease, which is mildly lethal. They seem to think that its mildly noted ancient mountains hold the key to a cure.";};
   "7 16" ={description = "The human colonials on this planet have a love for gambling to the point of bankruptcy. They now look for the new thrill in making a bet and as result they have some really unusual casinos. But with most of the population not having much to be thankful for they take solace with their pet of choice, the Enusbeian Tree Snake. It really is a beautiful animal and is also the cutest snake in the eight.";};
   "7 17" ={description = "The small green insects of Esarxeve have a colossal inferiority complex. They seem to resent being across the rift. Not even the ancient mountains are enough to halt the mass exodus from the planet. But they are more than proficient at the Mud Tennis Wimbledoon.";};
   "7 18" ={description = "The Human colonials of this planet have an annoying habit of repeating everything they say. They have a saying ‘If it is not worth saying twice it is not worth saying’. They are also a fun-loving people but have a disturbing love of all types of gambling and as such they are mildly known for their Hoopy Casinos.";};
   "7 19" ={description = "The planet Sobeer is mildly fabled for the Sobeerian mountain slug which brings scientist from all over the eight. It seems there is some evidence to suggest eating one raw slug per day wards off even the most virulent of diseases. The Cats of this planet don’t seem to mind eating them though. But they are also living in very poor conditions with most buildings in bad condition because of the earthquakes which they are occasionally cursed with.";};
To update your copy of Famous Planets.oxz, you need to replace your current planetinfo.plist with the one above.

See How to tweak OXZ's for more detail.
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Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by Cholmondely »


The Famous Planets Music Pack (2009) was removed by PAGroove.

It has the following ReadMe
Famous Planets musicpack v1.0.

Music composed by: P.A. Groove (
Coding/Testing and Compiling: Thargoid, Svengali

Copyright notice:
This music is licenced by P.A. Groove to the Oolite community. Therefore it is not allowed to reproduce, remix, resample, rework, use bits this music, or to convert to other formats without permission from the author. It is not allowed to make use of this work in any commercial form or production or to place it at your website without permission of the author.

The idea came a bit from playing other space games like Freelancer and the X-series where music often set the scene for a system. I wanted to enhance the Famous Planets with music. I therefore composed special music for every of the 10 famous planets.

Make sure you downloaded all parts. Place the .oxp directory in your Oolite- Add on folder.
There was a general Oolite track and then tracks for the first 10 famous planets - Diso, Isinor, Lave, Leesti, Lerelace, Reorte, Teraed, Tianve, Tionisla & Zaonce.

He wrote in Feb 2013 that he had removed it because he wished to work on it:
I want to make some new music and/or make a hyperradio station pack for the Hyperradio OXP by Svengali.

Is there any reason not to make it available again?

It would need some programming - I only have the music, not the coding to play it.

Might this work?

Code: Select all

this.musicList = [
    ]; = true; // Music

this.shipWillEnterWitchspace = this.shipWillDockWithStation = this.shipDied = function()
	if( && this.musicList[galaxyNumber].indexOf(system.ID)!==-1) Sound.stopMusic( + '_Theme.ogg');

this.shipExitedWitchspace = this.shipLaunchedFromStation = function(station)
	if( && this.musicList[galaxyNumber].indexOf(system.ID)!==-1 && (!station || station.isMainStation)) Sound.playMusic( + '_Theme.ogg');
Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by Cholmondely »

Cody wrote: Fri Apr 26, 2024 8:53 pm
Zaquesso! That's one of mine!
Any ideas about the PlanetFall v.2 landing sites?
Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

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phkb wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2024 7:42 am
Cholmondely wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2024 7:30 am
So bung the planetary locations into Famous Planets and bung the Bastan palace into Lave 2.0 ?
I'm busily adding all the locations into the individual OXP's as we speak, mainly because I have control over those ones at the moment. FPO isn't something I'm looking to get involved in at the moment, but I can compile all the changes I'm making into a script that could be included in FPO so it hands control to the system OXP's nicely.
FPO is Stranger's Roolite "Overhaul" of PAGroove's FP, is massive (5 oxp's at 100Mb each) and is not on our Expansions Manager (other than his Lave & Zaonce textures). And I have no idea as to how to get it on there. Or if Stranger would be happy with that.

I was thinking of PAGroove's denuded FP version which has only F7 screen descriptions and is on the Expansions Manager.

More to the point, I saw something somewhere where PAGroove explained that with Murgh's Lave OXP with its own F7 description - that he was taking it out of his Famous Planets (perhaps before he took all his music/planetary textures out...).

What should we do?

(F7 description, music & texture removed from FP)

I can add in Lave to FP, but it seems a bit pointless with all the stuff in Lave OXP.

Surely it makes more sense for both the F7 description and the Planet Landing sites to stay in your updated OXP rather than extract them and add them in here?

Since FP originally included Lave, and Lave would appear on anybody's list of G1 Famous Planets, we can add in your Lave OXP as a "requirement" in the FP manifest.plist

Tianve & Lerelace (Taranis):
(both F7 descriptions in FP, but Tianve's music & texture removed)

We can always add your Tianve/Taranis OXP updates as "requirements" in the FP manifest.plist... Then the planetary landing sites can stay in your OXPs

Riredi (Coluber Sodalite):
(no F7 description in FP)

This was never part of Famous Planets and so can just remain an optional "not quite so famous planet"... ! And the details can remain in your OXP.
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Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by phkb »

Cholmondely wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2024 12:09 pm
Since FP originally included Lave, and Lave would appear on anybody's list of G1 Famous Planets, we can add in your Lave OXP as a "requirement" in the FP manifest.plist
Cholmondely wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2024 12:09 pm
We can always add your Tianve/Taranis OXP updates as "requirements" in the FP manifest.plist... Then the planetary landing sites can stay in your OXPs
That makes sense.
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Impressively Grand Sub-Admiral
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by phkb »

Cholmondely wrote: Tue Feb 06, 2024 10:46 am
Might this work?
Other than the extraneous "{" at the start, I think it would.

The only issue I see is how it integrates with something like Contextual Jukebox, which is using Library Music. I have a feeling you might end up with two tracks playing at the same time.

Here's something I prepared earlier:

Code: Select all

"use strict"; = "FamousPlanetsMusic"; = "phkb";
this.license = "CC-BY-SA-NC 4.0";

// you will need to change the values of "dur" to match the actual duration of the music files.
this.musicFiles = {
    "0 7": {snd:"Lave_Theme.ogg", dur:305},
    "0 39": {snd:"Reorte_Theme.ogg", dur:480},
    "0 55": {snd:"Leesti_Theme.ogg", dur:352},
    "0 99": {snd:"Teraed_Theme.ogg", dur:273},
    "0 124": {snd:"Tionisla_Theme.ogg", dur:405},
    "0 129": {snd:"Zaonce_Theme.ogg", dur:318},
    "0 141": {snd:"Lerelace_Theme.ogg", dur:337},
    "0 147": {snd:"Diso_Theme.ogg", dur:434},
    "0 154": {snd:"Isinor_Theme.ogg", dur:246},
    "0 246": {snd:"Tianve_Theme.ogg", dur:375},
}; = true; // Music

this.startUpComplete = function() {
    var syslist = Object.keys(this.musicFiles);
    for (var i = 0; i < syslist.length; i++) {
        var id = syslist[i];
        var file = this.musicFiles[id];
        var theme = {
        worldScripts.Lib_Music._addEventMusic(theme, + "_" + id)

this.shipWillEnterWitchspace = this.shipWillDockWithStation = this.shipDied = function () {
    if ( && this.musicFiles[galaxyNumber.toString() + " " + system.ID.toString()]) {

this.shipWillExitWitchspace = function () {
    var id = galaxyNumber.toString() + " " + system.ID.toString();
    if ( && this.musicFiles[id]) {
        worldScripts.Lib_Music._setPriorityGroup( + "_" + id);
I think this will integrate nicely with Library Music, but prioritise playing the theme music for the system over other music (like Contextual Jukebox). I haven't fully tested this - I know it plays the track on launching and exiting witchspace, but I'm not sure what happens when the track ends. I'm hoping it automatically goes back to playing whatever other music has been set up. There's probably a bunch of other scenarios to test, but it should at least work for testing purposes.
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Re: RELEASED TODAY: Famous Planets OXP

Post by Cholmondely »

Current working notes (in case I get marmalized by an omnibus!)

This is the first half all of G1

Named sites based on FP, Rough Guide & wiki Sector1 pages.
PlanetLand 2 landing sites

Eventual need for some geographic placements - Zaonce’s Hurricane Kev in North Hemisphere, etc.

0,4 Xequerin
Goobix (Capital City), Mount Lexuqberen Shrine (the poet and the foundation of Coomunin)

0,5 Tiraor
Bok (Capital City), People’s National Sports Stadium

0,8 Zaatxe
(Effect: vicious sandstorms) - sand “mining” plants and computer factories near sand deserts.

0,10 Teaatis
(Effect: increased wear and tear from acid clouds)

0,16 Rizala
(Effect: mystic blue and purple light)

0,19 Azaqu
Effect: Lobstoid city beneath the sea?

0,20 Retila
Cities are underground due to solar flares, Makandal’s pic

0,23 Onrira
“Obnoxicorpolis” - company HQ? Spalder and Starblaze Inc., Faulcon de Lacy labs, Khan Corporation

0,28 Arexe
Rexona - floating spaceport, Bander Seri Begawan (city on poles), Dunwich, Pisa,

0,35 Isence
Ondaluse (city), Vorhusith (city), Borthanian Tea Plantations (Tourist Resort)

0,39 Reorte
Fennervich (main SpacePort), Kittering (City), Faulcon Manspace (factory), Raddlett and Rayburn Shipyards

0,42 Anarlaqu
Eigrpan Sports Stadium, Carolina (Coral Reefs)

0,50 Aesbion
Shisoli (Capital City)

0,66 Ascension
Genetics Labs, Tourism sites, Homes of the Hermits, ++??

0,73 Aronar
Cathedrals, Casinos, Noble Houses, Goats

0,89 Beusrior
Effect: snowstorms? New London (capital - needs “canyon” ) Other u/g cities: Goobix

0,99 Teraed
Galaxy Dome sports centre

0,100 Vetitice
NewBegin (City), Fort Snowdon (Industrial City), GASEC works, Skavurzka Shipyards, Strayhorn mountain caverns (Tourism)

0,101 Laenin
Peoplesville (Capital City), Utopia (City), Mausoleum of the Maker (Tetrahedral Shrine)

0,111 Raenin/Reinen
New Boorlin (Capital City)

0,115 Ribiso
Grace Vacuum Cricket Dome

0,124 Tionisla
Aa (shuttleport), Sirrane Starworks

0,129 Zaonce
(Effects: Hurricane Kev, Volcano del Plasma)
"Ventry Entry" (for Zonkhana Metropolis), (add in Zaonce Aurodrome on the east side?), Middle Island Metropolis (city), Kev’s Morray Rent Inc (tourism), Volcano del Plasma (tourism)

0,131 Zadies
Zadia (Capital City)

0,147 Diso
Veers Fault?,
Makandal’s pic

0,151 Ceesxe
Galtech Industries Corporation, Pteradyne Technologies, Inc., Economy Research Center (Versions of Traders Almanach)

0,153 Aona
Aonatech Corporation
Dark Wheel places everything underwater with only volcano tips poking out! But Vanilla/Povray/Stranger’s FPO textures don’t show any of this.

0,154 Isinor
St Standing (Capital township!)

Special Effects: No other ports unless landing in a Moray!

0,170 Tibecea
Tibecea City (capital)
Cathedral of St Giles
Mount Ahruman (Tourism)

0,172 Esveor
3 capitals (Multi-Gov)
Peptoo-Bismol Extraction Plant
Zero-G Hockey stadium

0,177 Larais
Effects: Orange haze prevents seeing anything
Genu Brewery

0,186 Zarece
Effects - needs cloud cities
And thus dock at Cloud Cities not at space ports?

0,227 Qutiri
Imperial Spaceport (Empire of Rrowthiessa) - capital city
Imperial Spaceport (Empire of Shrizzar) - capital city
Straits Seminary (Bishopric of the Straits) - cathedral
Qitroomax port (Republic of Maar) - city

0,250 Xexedi
Xexedi Spaceport - capital city
Skyneedle Hypermall - shopping centre
Oocruise terminal -
Zorgon Petterson
L’Ooreaal complex
Cassiterite mines
Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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