Galactic Navy Licensing

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Re: Galactic Navy Licensing

Post by hiran »

Cholmondely wrote: Wed Jun 07, 2023 9:05 am
Any chance of some feedback on this manifest.plist for Nemoricus' last version?

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	license = "implied - but only for publishing";
This is interesting. What does the license mean actually?
Is there some implicit license (whatever that means), but explicitly just for publishing. Would that mean downloading and playing are explicitly not covered?
To me the expansion looks unusable.
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Re: Galactic Navy Licensing

Post by Switeck »

cbr wrote: Sat Jan 13, 2024 3:17 pm
Seems like a nice version to co-exist with HIMSN...
My Galactic Navy mod probably could co-exist ok with HIMSN, but I'm not sure what would show up when naval battles are called for.
Cholmondely wrote: Sat Jan 13, 2024 7:03 pm
Switeck: would it make more sense to have your own wiki page for this?
Having its own wiki page would allow for a more detailed description...but this mod is still very similar to the original for how Galactic Navy bases and missions look (there's not as many though.)
1) what rating would you give your mod?
1) The rating of slightly easier makes sense, although it's so modest it'd probably be closer to neutral.
If you're running around with a high bounty, Galactic Navy ships will still shoot at you if you run into them. And as I've mentioned, things get harder as you get more kills -- although mostly for Naval Battle missions.
2) Which of the various supplementary GN OXPs would you see as fitting in with your GN?
Behemoths are a MUST! The Galactic Navy OXP/OXZ won't even work without them as far as I know!
The rest would probably work ok, although their appearance would likely be rare.

The looks of the Galactic Navy ships are closer to what Oolite's graphics were about 10 years ago, around version 1.75 or earlier.
3) Would you want to add in a shiplibrary.plist (I keep this in Spara's Galactic Navy Facelift.oxp)?
I probably should...
4) Cannot the additions to the planetinfo.plist just be added to the current planet descriptions (as with the System Features Rings oxp?).
Yes, and that's a much better way to edit a planet's description.
So...yet another thing to do for the next update of my mod!
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Re: Galactic Navy Licensing

Post by Cholmondely »

Switeck wrote: Fri Jan 12, 2024 1:30 pm
Here's my take on Galactic Navy: ...

My post above describes in some detail the changes.

(From my MOD's readme)
The reasons for my changes are simple:
Galactic Navy ships should be far rarer, especially not seen almost every time you visit interstellar space! I've heard a lot of regulars on Oolite forums feel similarly about GN adding too many ships everywhere!

Behemoths are much rarer -- there's very few of them and they're spread thin...forced to visit the "unreachable" systems to resupply those systems with critical supplies, act as a ferry for non-jump-capable ships, and be a seller of Galactic Hyperdrives.
You'll still see a Behemoth sometimes on a Reserve Mission!

I don't use the Frigate at all -- I don't like the model and deem it too big for no more than it offers. Still exists in my GN mod and could be built but I don't.

Its replacement is a Boa 2 Light Cruiser, which doubles as a 5-missile launcher for special attacks.
The hacked Anaconda Transports...I'm a little ambivalent about but they're currently used.
They're far less necessary with Boa 2's around. :)

In many places, Navy Vipers are replaced by Navy Sidewinders, because that's what they're supposed to have...Vipers are the police not the military.
The Navy Sidewinders are only added as escorts for various motherships and do not spawn alone.

Moray Medical StarBoats for rescue in original GN. They almost never appear, expect as rare ships visiting a system.

I don't need to give any of these ships stats beyond what the player can long as they're "Iron Assed" with all the ingame upgrade equipment.
(Military lasers, extra energy unit or naval energy unit, shield boosters, etc...)

The missions are slightly different -- typically not near as many ships on either side.
...But the numbers slowly increase as you get more kills.
What starts off with more official fleet actions with Galactic Navy units (Boa 2's, Asps, Sidewinders, sometimes Anaconda Transports?, sometimes even a lone Behemoth they're defending...strangely no Morays although they really need them!) gets replaced with a smaller reserve fleet of "whatever" against about the same number of Thargoids.
Missions to put down Pirate Strongholds actually decrease because the Galactic Navy is too preoccupied with Thargoid incursions as time goes on...
The original GN had 3 reserve battle types, mine only has 4...just a large range of min to max units, depending on early/late in your career.

But unless you're a reservist and do those will rarely see Galactic Navy ships. They don't blanket a system anymore, even the ships hovering around their Sector Command bases slowly shrinks as time goes on.
I decreased the number of Sector Command bases per Galactic Chart from 14 to 4-6. "Base closures...because of massive funding cuts!"
I also changed the text about where the Sector Command bases still are though!
There is also 1 main Sector Command base per Galactic Chart, although all I added was a hacked Rock Hermit "Storage Depot" and a few extra base-defending ships.
The stations also have working commodities markets as well, with similar prices as the main station with much lower amounts for sale.
Mostly they want supplies brought to them, so prices on those are slightly higher.
This is the one I've been using for the past couple of months.

I had a stab at rejigging Runghold's SecComFinder OXP for it. Failed dismally, of course. But in the process I uncovered some infelicities in the planetinfo.plist:

Navy Bases
G1 0,24 - Ceinzala; 0,7 - Lave; 0,120 - Aerater; 0,150 - Xeer; 0,175 - Oresle
G2 1,33 - Diti; 1,82 - Vezaaes; 1,106 - Gexein; 1,127 - Ceinerxe; 1,243 - Titequ
G3 2,17 - Bezaed; 2,31 - Teceinre; 2,36 - Birera; 2,69 - Tiera (or 2,139 - Inbiti); 2,132 - Teriar (or 2,205 - Rainle)
G4 3,197 - Dicebe (or 3,39 - Encegequ); 3,186 - Arama; 3,229 - Geaten (or 3,237 - Cequququ); 3,66 - Diriceen; 3,69 - Lalati (or 3,110 - Onramaon)
G5 4,249 - Gesolaon; 4,198 - Xevera; 4,153 - Usaorer; 4,121 - Onenceve (or 4,29 - Tiusriri); 4,190 - Diis
G6 5,6 - Oresmaa (or 5,190 - Diis); 5,129 - Inbe (or 5,129 - Engean); 5,85 - Celaan; 5,146 - Ariqu; 5,66 - Isaanus
G7 6,161 - Aislaxe; 6,86 - Xezaerti (or 6,127 - Qulearbi); 6,154 - Atuszais; 6,231 - Diusace; 6,216 - Ditearra (or 6,140 - Teed)
G8 7,26 - Titiridi; 7,9 - Leater; 7,251 - Esusale; 7,116 - Vebixe; 7,113 - Beanle (or 7,55 - Getiusza?)
Comments wanted:
Missing OXPs? What do you think is missing?
Lore: The economics of ship building How many built for Aronar?
Lore: The Space Traders Flight Training Manual: Cowell & MgRath Do you agree with Redspear?
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