Welcome here, please change your password!

Announcements about releases of Oolite and related material.

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Welcome here, please change your password!

Post by aegidian »

Hi folks, this board has been rebuilt from some old backups through the work of Andray.

@timer and @hiran are going to be your board admins going forward.

As with any migration I urge you to reset your password for this board, use a password manager for a strong password suggestion, and most importantly DO NOT REUSE A PASSWORD YOU USE ANYWHERE ELSE.

Welcome aboard.
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Re: Welcome here, please change your password!

Post by hiran »

I'd like to emphasize aegidian's post.

Change your passwords!

The old forum never used any form of encryption. That means whenever you logged on to the system both username and password were transferred in clear text. In today's world that is enough to assume they have become public.

We use encryption now, but if your password is public others can still claim your identity. You should be the first to not want this.
Hence change your passwords, and do not reuse passwords for several sites.

You cannot remember so many passwords? If need be, use a password manager. Wikipedia also has a list of password managers.
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